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What’s hot this month? Good food reads!!! Local authors share their culinary and drink expertise.

The Art and Craft of Tea

Detroit attorney-turned-tea-expert Joseph Uhl takes his readers on a tea-filled journey with The Art and Craft of Tea – An Enthusiast’s Guide to Selecting, Brewing, and Serving Exquisite Tea (Quarry Books, $25). Uhl’s passion for the beverage was inspired by his global travels to various countries, including China and Africa, where he’s met many tea connoisseurs along the way. He was introduced to the different cultures, traditions, and crafts of tea, and is revealing what he’s learned in this new book. Tea lovers can unite and raise a mug to this colorful guide including recipes for creating personal and DIY blends as well as the inside scoop on global brewing methods. —Nisrin Makki


The Big Book of Healthy Cooking Oils

Michigan-based author Lisa Howard makes healthy eating simple with The Big Book of Healthy Cooking Oils (Page Street Publishing, $22). Howard shares the importance of buying unrefined versus refined cooking oils and gives lessons on how to distinguish the two on grocery store shelves. The book includes a hefty list of numerous types of unprocessed cooking oils and their origins, including flaxseed, palm, and pistachio oil. Howard then incorporates these oils into 224 pages of mouth-watering, gluten-free recipes. Who knew coconut oil could be used to make bacon-chocolate chip pancakes? For more information, visit theculturedcook.com—Nisrin Makki 


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