It’s Moo Time

Fast food ‘chain’ out to build a better burger
Photographs courtesy of Kate Manley Photography

We’re busy counting up the votes of Hour Detroit readers choices for “Best of Detroit.” But since May is National Burger Month, here’s a place that may not be on most readers’ radars. 

Moo Cluck Moo — a “chain” of two restaurants — is a fast food place that’s taking a different tack. And they’re about as all natural as you can get. Cattle (and chicken) are raised on a vegetarian diet and are free from antibiotics and growth hormones. The dairy they use is from Calder — it makes for one thick milkshake. Even their mustard, ketchup, and mayo are made without preservatives. 

Want a pop? They serve a handcrafted, Michigan-made, natural cane sugar soda from Northwoods Soda & Syrup Co. in Northern Michigan. 

Oh, and Moo Cluck Moo treats their employees pretty well, too. As in paying them $15 an hour — well above the minimum wage! 

As for the food? Former Rattlesnake Club proprietor and nationally acclaimed chef Jimmy Schmidt is their consultant. He develops monthly specials called “Cravables.”

So. Quality ingredients, well-paid employees, and a celebrity chef. Must be expensive, right? Not really. Burgers start at $3.25 and the “notorious cluck” chicken sandwich and “baa burgers” (lamb) are $6.50 each. 

8606 N. Telegraph Rd., Dearborn Heights; 313-562-9999. 42126 Ford Rd., Canton; 734-844-0000. Visit for more information.