The Interior of Lovers Only Is a Case Study in Modernized Nostalgia

Sip on a shake and scarf down a burger just like the old days

lover's only

The almost-finished basement where you stole away with paramours past. That diner around the corner where you both shared crispy fries and creamy milkshakes. Downtown burger joint Lovers Only, which opened in March 2018, is a study in nostalgia — with a far more stylish aesthetic than the casual date-night spots of your earlier years. The 70-seat interior features intentionally mismatched wallpaper in muted pastels, soft white lights, warm wood paneling, and comfortable U-shaped booths. Head to the restaurant for its comforting dishes and beverages that dual as dessert and leave with rose-colored flashbacks of your adolescence.

Lovers Only, 34 W. Grand River Ave., Detroit; 313-986-1174; L Mon. and Tues., L&D Weds.-Sun.