Molly’s Picks

Restaurant veteran Molly Abraham noshes around town, tracking down some top spots.


The word Ganbei is the equivalent of “cheers!” and Ron & Roman — the designers who put together the sophisticated, high-ceilinged atmosphere with brilliant colors and carefully chosen Asian art pieces and mirrors — certainly rate a lifted glass. The fare, while American-style Chinese, is also nicely done. Familiar dishes include almond boneless chicken, Mongolian beef, and General Tso’s chicken, all handsomely presented and courteously served. 227 S. Main St., Rochester; 248-266-6687. L & D daily. $15 H.



You don’t have to ask “What’s the specialty?” This appealing place focuses on meatballs in three versions — chicken, pork, and beef — all ground in-house. Meatball sandwiches are served on a choice of Asiago roll or ciabatta flatbread, and they also come in the array of salads including Caesar and spinach, or as pasta dishes accompanied by garlic and herb focaccia bread made in-house, as is virtually everything. Although it is self-serve, the setting is attractively done up with photographs and art, and the principals are three restaurant veterans: Mary Ann Gualtieri, Jeff Glover, and Ron Uhouse. 31081 Hayes Rd., Warren; 586-872-2486. L & D Mon.-Sat. $10 H.

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