Molly’s Picks

Restaurant veteran Molly Abraham noshes around town, tracking down some top spots.
Mabel Gray: X-Tina’s Pie — pumpkin pie with maple chantilly. Photograph by Joe Vaughn

LA DULCE /// The highly detailed space is dedicated to tapas served in a serene floor-through setting that evokes a European country house. The unusual décor is equaled by the meticulous cuisine: sharable dishes such as croquetos de lomo (crisp little balls of potato and cured pork loin); ciabatta bread filled with serrano ham, oxtail, and shishito peppers; and patatas bravas, fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and aioli, as well as charcuterie and cheese platters. Sherry is emphasized at the well-stocked bar. 115 S. Main St., Royal Oak; 248-268-1719. L & D Tue.-Sat., Br. Sun. $15 H


MABEL GRAY /// Its low-key location is very much part of the charm of James Rigato and Ed Mamou’s 43-seat restaurant with an open kitchen. The pared-down menu based on fresh ingredients is in keeping with its unpretentiousness. The a la carte menu changes up seasonally and is typified by such dishes as house-cured lox. There’s the option of a tasting menu, and the chef will invite guest chefs to join him, as Top Chef victor Mei Lin did on his opening evenings in October. 23825 John R Rd., Hazel Park; 248-398-4300; D Tue.-Sat. $16 H

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