National Bloody Mary Day


Jan. 1 is a day for new beginnings. But it may also be a day when you’re nursing a wicked hangover from the previous night’s overindulgence on bubbly. With Jan. 1 marking National Bloody Mary Day, start 2016 off with the most popular alcoholic drink for brunch. Hour Detroit readers are partial to the Bloody Mary at Vivio’s, which has several options, including the Big D — a whopping 32 ounces of their classic tomato cocktail complete with bacon, asparagus spears, lettuce, pickles, sausage stick, hard-boiled egg, prosciutto-stuffed olives, jalapeno jerky stick, sliced provolone, and a beer side car. While manager Dave Colling wouldn’t share the secrets of the Eastern Market institution’s vodka infusion or mix, he says you can buy the mix at the bar and at local stores like Rocky’s. Here’s how to make the Classic Bloody Mary: Pour 1¾ ounces of a good pepper vodka into a glass. Fill it with ice and then fill the glass with the Bloody Mary mix. Garnish with a pickle spear and a slice of lime and serve with a beer chaser (they use Miller Lite). Why the chaser? Colling says it cuts the acidity of the tomato, plus you’ll never forget this Bloody Mary.