Rojo Mexican Bistro



The first of these colorful Mexican restaurants opened at Novi’s Fountain Walk in 2008, and the vibrant food from the kitchen of chef Luis Garza was an immediate hit that just spawned a second in downtown Rochester. This one has a different décor but the same fresh fare that ranges from the popular tortilla dishes to specialties from the perspective of the Linares, Mexico-born chef. On the menu are chile rellenos (roasted poblano peppers) filled with a blend of three cheeses — cotija, Chihuahua, and asadero — and topped with roasted tomato sauce; and mole de gallina (chicken in a smoky sauce that includes ancho, pasilla, and mulato chiles). They show the range of flavors that typify Garza’s style. It’s no surprise that two more of the appealing restaurants are on the drawing board. Rojo Mexican Bistro, 401 Main St., Rochester; 248-601-9300. L & D daily. $15

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