The Monarch Club Puts a “Stranger Things” Spin On Its Manhattan

The downtown Detroit bar’s version of the classic cocktail taps into your dark side

The Monarch Club

The Netflix series Stranger Things is fitting inspiration for any drink made in the strange and spooky month of October. Mike Eisenberg, the beverage and food director for downtown Detroit’s bar, The Monarch Club, designed a variation on the Manhattan with the cult-favorite sci-fi drama’s first season in mind. “It’s an earthy and smoky riff on the Manhattan paying homage to the dark corners in all our lives,” Eisenberg says. Take a sip to uncover yours.

How to Make The Monarch Club’s Manhattan


2 oz. Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey

½ oz. Amaro Sfumato

½ oz. Cherry Heering Liqueur

3 dashes Bittercube Orange Bitters

Flamed orange disk for garnish 


Pour the Rittenhouse, Amaro, Cherry Heering, and dashes of bitters into a mixing glass and stir. Then, cut a piece of orange peel and gently heat it over the flame of a match, and express its oils through the flame about 10-12 inches above the drink. Drop the
orange disk into the drink and enjoy!