Vivio’s Food & Spirits and Ike’s Restaurant

Restaurant veteran Molly Abraham noshes around town, tracking down some top spots
Mollys Picks Ceasar
Photo by Joe Vaughn

Vivio’s Food & Spirits: An Eastern Market classic, this down-to-earth bar and grill that neighbors the Hirt cheese shop has been run by Shirley Vivio and her family for 38 years, but there has been a watering hole in the 1891 building from the start. Sandwiches and an array of burgers are mainstays, but diners also appreciate the steamed mussels, barbecued ribs, and pork chops that emanate from a tiny kitchen at the end of the bar. 2460 Market St., Detroit; 313-393-1711.  L & D Mon.-Fri., Br L & D Sat. $9 H C

Ike’s Restaurant: After many years hidden away in an obscure strip mall, this Lebanese restaurant has graduated to its own free-standing building, done up handsomely in contemporary style. It has always been known for excellent chicken shawarma and lamb kebobs, as well as for its array of vegetarian dishes in the Mediterranean style, and now the setting lives up to the quality of the fare. 38550 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights; 586-979-4460. L & D daily. $14