Wake-Up Call!

Photography by Dorothy Hernandez

Midtown Detroit’s Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co. is an ideal place to hang out or do some work. But it poses quite the dilemma. Do you get coffee or a cocktail? The Panacea allows you to have both. It combines coffee with rum, making for one potent libation. Some components are made in-house, such as the five spice syrup, which elevates the drink with its warm flavors, and the infused rum. With one of these in hand, you’ll really get some work done (or not). —Dorothy Hernandez

3 ounces cold-brewed coffee
1 ½ ounces coffee and vanilla infused Cruzan black strap rum
½ ounce five spice simple syrup
Heavy cream

Shake up the coffee, rum, simple syrup, and ice in a shaker. Pour into a glass over new ice and float a bit of cream over the mixture until the glass is full. Enjoy!