Tips for First Time Cannabis Delivery Buyers

Do a bit of research and don’t be afraid to ask questions before you buy
cannabis tips
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In general, it’s wise to spend a bit of time researching different cannabis products and effects and exploring menus so you can get some sense of what you’re looking for. 

Do you want something to help lull you to sleep? A low-dose tincture to take the edge off? Or a high-THC strain that will get you super stoned? There’s not a one-size-fits-all product for anyone — especially first-timers. 

Lantern, an on-demand cannabis e-commerce marketplace and home delivery platform, gives customers the option to answer a series of questions that help steer them to the right products. “Our goal is to empower consumers to confidently navigate the cannabis shopping experience to find which products best fit their goals and needs,” says Eric Lopez, head of operations at Lantern. Unlike a direct order from a retailer, a delivery from Lantern typically takes an hour or less, and the site accepts debit cards. To learn more about Lantern’s delivery service, visit

If you know you want to try flower, but aren’t sure whether to buy Purple Urkle, OG Kush, or Sour Diesel, opt for a pre-roll first. A pre-rolled joint gives you the freedom to try different strains before committing to an entire eighth. 

If you’re thinking you might like concentrates or vaping, an all-in-one option that includes the vaping device and the concentrate is a smart bet. These products are relatively inexpensive, ready to use, and usually tell you how many doses you’ll get in each unit.

For those interested in edibles, the most important rule to remember is to go slow. Read the suggested use carefully, and always err on the side of less. Low-dose options, also referred to as “microdoses,” are a great place to start. 

Retailers, of course, understand that people — especially those who are new to cannabis — will have questions, and are always on standby. “Customers can call and ask to speak with
a budtender,” says Amber Beuthien, the marketing director at LIV Cannabis Co. in Ferndale. “We try to make it a very personal experience.”