Editor’s Letter: The Incoming Tigers’ Season and Women’s History Month

Hour Detroit’s editor-in-chief talks about the March 2024 issue and some of the stories inside.

One of the first things I think about when writing this column is: What is going to be relevant a month from now? Normally, a January event would not be something I would include for March. But I just don’t think I will get over the extreme highs and the one big low of the Lions’ postseason by then. And I don’t think Detroiters will either.

The fact that they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl isn’t the part that has me down. I was one of those people who said it would be gravy. It’s that the excitement that I felt in the city and the suburbs is over.

Kate Walsh // Photograph by Brad Ziegler
Kate Walsh // Photograph by Brad Ziegler

Literally everywhere you looked — for weeks! — was Lions spirit: the billboards announcing “Decker Reported” on I-75, the encouraging messages replacing menu news on McDonald’s neon signs, the sea of Honolulu blue and gray clothing that became metro Detroiters’ uniforms — you just couldn’t escape it. And you didn’t want to. The city, the suburbs, the whole state was unified — and electric. I even drove downtown with my son on the Saturday before the NFC championship game just to be near Ford Field.

I’m not one of those people who are mad at Dan Campbell for not going for the field goals in that game. That’s just what he does and who he is, and it’s how they got to the playoffs. I’m grateful to him for getting them that far and for building a culture of trust, belief, passion, and, yes, grit within the team. And I’m especially thankful to Sheila Ford Hamp for hiring Campbell, Brad Holmes, and Lions great Chris Spielman and bringing this new football culture to Detroit.

Speaking of powerful and influential women, March is Women’s History Month, so you’ll find the stories in this month’s issue a bit more women-centric. In addition to our annual bridal fashion cover story, we have an interview with a Southfield woman making history in Michigan on the state’s Supreme Court, a feature on a Grosse Pointer who made it big in the fashion world in NYC and is now making her mark as an interior designer back home, an article on an entrepreneur helping women feel good about their bodies, and an in-depth look at the lack of child care in the region — especially in Detroit.

And to get your mind off football, we are looking back at the former site of Tiger Stadium and informing you of what’s going on there now, even this month, during the Detroit St. Patrick’s Parade. We also have a guide with everything you need to know to attend the parade, as well as an Irish pub guide and an inside look at one of our favorite new watering holes.

So, cheers to the Lions and good luck to the Tigers. Now head to a pub and raise a glass to all of them and to the women in your life.

This story is from the March 2024 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. Read more in our digital edition.