Top 5 Miggy Moments with the Detroit Tigers

Miguel Cabrera is playing his final MLB game at Comerica Park on Oct. 1, 2023.
Miguel Cabrera in 2011

It’s the end of an era. After 16 seasons with the Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera, now 40, is retiring from Major League Baseball. He joined the Tigers back in 2008, and his last game in front of fans at Comerica Park is Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, against the Cleveland Guardians.

Ahead of that game, we took a look back at five of his top moments with Detroit’s baseball team.

The Batting Triple Crown

Back in 2012, Miggy earned the prestigious batting Triple Crown with a .330 batting average, 44 home runs, and 139 RBIs.

He was the first player in 45 years to earn the award, following Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox in 1967, and is one of just 15 ball players (16 if you count Tip O’Neill in the American Association) to hold the title.

500 Home Runs

Miggy joined 27 other ball players in the 500 Home Run Club back in August of 2021 after hitting a pitch from Steven Matz of the Toronto Blue Jays 400 feet. He was the first player to reach that milestone in a Detroit Tigers uniform.

The hit was the 2,955th hit of his career, his 13th of that season.

3,000 Career Hits

Last year, Cabrera made Tigers’ history once again by reaching 3,000 career hits. He was the 33rd player in MLB history to reach this milestone.

With this accomplishment, he became one of just seven players in MLB history to get 3,000 hits with 500 home runs.

Snowy Home Run

Opening Day 2021 saw one of the spring snowstorms that Michigan is known for — and perhaps one of the craziest Miggy moments.

He hit a home run against Cleveland pitcher Shane Bieber, which got lost in the snow in right field. In an after-game interview, Miggy said he thought the ball was still in play, so he slid into second base. When he realized that it was out, he got up and continued his run into home.

Back-to-Back MVPs

When he won MVP Awards in 2012 and 2013, Miggy joined yet another elite club of ball players who have won the title back-to-back. No other players in MLB have accomplished this feat since.

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