The Golden Girls Are Coming to Royal Oak This Weekend

A new stage show, ‘Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue’ is coming to the Royal Oak Music Theatre, July 27-30, 2023.
The cast of Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue.// Photograph by Murray and Peter Present, courtesy of Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue.

More than 30 years after the beloved ‘80s sitcom ended, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia are back in a brand-new Broadway-like, adults-only stage show coming to the Royal Oak Music Theatre this weekend.

Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue features a cast of talented performers largely from Michigan and takes a guess at what the Miami BFFs might have been up to if they were still alive in 2023 — but things aren’t quite what you remember from the original show.

In this new spin, each of your favorite cheesecake-loving gal pals is played by a man in drag and up to their own brand of hilarious hijinks

Spoilers ahead!

The wise and witty Sophia (played by Christopher Kamm) has been busted by the DEA for running a drug ring for retirees and is out on bail. Goody-two-shoes Rose (Adam Graber), and the sexually liberated southern belle, Blanche (Vince Kelley) own a “thriving sex app for seniors” called CreakN, while the ever-sarcastic Dorothy (Ryan Bernier) is trying to “hold it all together” as she tries to keep up with her new and much-younger “sex-crazed” lover.

This show also pays ode to the original, which often shined a light on serious topics such as the AIDs epidemic and interracial marriage, by touching on the issues of today in a heartfelt and relatable way.

“If you want a little escape, this is the night out for you,” Vince Kelly, who plays Blanche, told Hour Detroit. “Our show is like turning on the TV and catching an episode you’ve never seen before, but with swearing. It’s a blast.”

Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue is written by author Robert Leleux and directed by Eric Swanson, a cofounder of The Detroit Actors’ Theatre Company. It will have an exclusive limited engagement run at the Royal Oak Music Theatre July 27-30, 2023.

Tickets prices start at $33 per person and are available for those ages 18+ online or at the theater’s box office.

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