Absence of Proof Brings Alcohol-free Events to Detroit

The NYC-based company creates a trendy party atmosphere, sans alcohol.
Stock photograph by Mark Angelo Sampan via Pexels.com

Absence of Proof, a non-alcoholic event curation company from New York City, hosted their first Detroit-based party on April 29 at The Congregation. The pop-up experience created a trendy party setting, with live music, dancing, and mingling, sans alcohol — and more of these events are expected to crop up around the Motor City.

Following their success in New York, Absence of Proof has expanded outward, now hosting events in Los Angeles, Seattle, Connecticut, and Detroit, and working with major companies like Bumble and the James Beard Foundation.

Absence of Proof was founded by Elizabeth Gascoigne in 2022 as a direct response to the recent growth of “sober curiosity.” The term “sober curious” promotes a push away from alcohol consumption, along with the heavily documented negative effects of drinking.

This wave of curiosity has become especially popular among members of the Millennial and Gen Z generations. According to Market Watch magazine, zero-proof spirit sales were up 90% in 2022.

“Once I made the choice to prioritize my wellbeing and remove alcohol from my life, I noticed the lack of nightlife options that didn’t center around alcohol and I fundamentally felt the otherness of being the only one not drinking in those typical alcohol-centric environments,” Gascoigne says. “That’s when I knew I needed to create the scene I was searching for.”

Whether attendees are looking to take time off drinking for one night or a lifetime, Absence of Proof creates an elevated nightlife atmosphere that doesn’t revolve around alcohol.

At these events, non-alcoholic drinks are served including non-alcoholic cocktails, beer, wine, and spirits. Companies like Ritual Zero Proof create spirit alternatives that offer similar flavors and aromas to tequila, rum, and whiskey, without the effects of consuming alcohol.

Absence of Proof will host their next local event on May 24. During this event, they will be hosting a Yoga and Social Hour event at True North. The event will include an hour of yoga practice hosted by Jan from Citizen Yoga along with unlimited non-alcoholic cocktails and the chance to socialize with other sober-curious attendees.

They will also be hosting events in June at The Schvitz and Standby, with dates and more information being announced soon.

For more information, visit absenceofproof.com.