Combing the Beach

The shore at Leland is a treasure unto itself

Sandwiched between a Great Lake (Michigan) and an inland one (Leelanau), Leland is home to some of the state’s most beloved shorelines.

Van’s Beach (above), is the most popular, thanks to traits that make it a quintessential Northern Michigan beach. “There’s nothing out of the ordinary about it,” says Leland Chamber of Commerce President Jennifer Collins. “It’s a beautiful beach — blue water (and) nice, fine sand.”

On the other side of the Leland River lies North Beach. Collins says this beach is a favorite for treasure hunters on the lookout for Petoskey stones, as well as a unique stone called Leland Blue, a peculiar byproduct of Leland’s long-defunct iron industry.

For a less-crowded beach and a more serene setting, try Nedow’s Beach located off Lake Leelanau.

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