The Secrets Behind Detroit Cookie Co.’s Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies

The founder of the Ferndale bake shop shares her top 5 tips
Detroit Cookie Co.
Lauren Roumayah photograph courtesy of Detroit Cookie Co.

Founder of Detroit Cookie Co., Lauren Roumayah, was a fashion merchandising student at Wayne State University when she decided to turn her baking hobby into a career in 2015. “My now husband asked me, ‘in a perfect world, what do you want to do?’ And I responded, ‘I just want to make cookies.’ So that’s exactly what we did.”

Her love for baking developed at a young age. “My most beloved memories include baking with my mom around the holidays, after school,” she says. “It was always a way of bringing our family together.” And now, Roumayah runs one of the most popular bake shops in metro Detroit. Voted Best Cookies by Hour Detroit readers, Detroit Cookie Co. is located at 23421 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale. The shop sees tons of customers on a daily basis, and it even ship cookies across the United States to its most devoted fans.

The shop is known for its wild cookie creations like the Bro-Cookie, which features brownies and rainbow sprinkles, and the PB Volcano, a peanut butter cookie topped with a helping of creamy peanut butter that’s covered in chocolate and graham cracker crumbs. However, these cookie connoisseurs still believe in the comforting nature of baking a classic chocolate chip cookie. Here, Roumayah shares her five tips for making the perfect batch at home.

5 Chocolate Chip Cookie Tips From Lauren Roumayah

Detroit Cookie Co
Photograph courtesy of Detroit Cookie Co

Keep it Crispy

“I like a crisp outside and a nice, chewy inside,” Roumayah says. “Everyone has different taste, so pick a texture that you prefer.” Let your cookies cool for at least 15 minutes before you indulge, this ensures a perfect final product.

Go Salty and Sweet

“Usually when I’m making cookies, I add a little salt,” Roumayah says. Adding salt creates a great contrast in chocolate chip cookies.

The More Chocolate, the Merrier

At Detroit Cookie Co., less is never more. The shop’s Chocolate Chunk cookie features semi-sweet, milk, and dark chocolate chips. Chocolate chip cookies are completely customizable, and Roumayah recommends adding any kind of chocolate that suites your mood.

Chill Out

“My secret trick is to let your dough chill,” Roumayah says. “Pre-scoop the dough and roll it into pre-portioned bowls.” The chilling process should take a minimum of 24-hours. This allows time for the dough to set and the cookies to bake uniformly.

Add Your Own Spin

“The thing with chocolate chip cookies is that there are so many additions to really make it your own,” Roumayah says. “Love sprinkles? Throw those babies in there! Want walnuts? Toast and toss them in your dough.” Roumayah’s favorite addition is ice cream, but she also suggests trying one of her secret creations. To take your chocolate chip cookie to the new level, she recommends combining dried cherries, Better Made Potato Chips, and semi-sweet chocolate chips into your cookie dough for the ultimate Michigan-inspired treat.

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