Doritos Honors a Metro Detroit High School Senior in a Touching Campaign

Not even COVID-19 could cancel commencement
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Caleb White photograph courtesy of Caleb White

You’ve got to give it to the graduating class of 2020. On top of the classic pressures of being a high school senior, this year’s class was thrown the biggest pop-quiz of their educational career — a global pandemic. Collectively, seniors around the world were challenged to quickly adapt to a remote learning experience, logging into virtual classrooms and consulting teachers via chatrooms.

The special circumstance was met with a special send-off. Celebrities, multinational brands, and organizations alike, rallied to celebrate the class of 2020 for earning their high school diplomas amid unprecedented challenges. In early May, Doritos launched Doritos Valedictorian, a campaign that would give five graduating seniors from across the country the opportunity to share positive affirmations for their fellow students in a speech on a major platform. Doritos Valedictorian would also honor the students with $50,000 in tuition assistance. Of the thousands of students who entered for a chance to win the opportunity, Caleb White, a senior at Detroit Catholic Central High School, was chosen among the five students selected.

White’s speech was broadcast on Commencement the Podcast — a program created by iHeartRadio in partnership with Doritos, State Farm, T-Mobile, and the 2020 Census — which features commencement speeches by nearly 50 noteworthy celebrities and professionals. Notables from across disciplines shared words of wisdom, including Bobby Flay, Pitbull, Hilary Clinton, and Katie Couric. “Dear COVID-19,” White begins in the speech recorded in a video posted on, “… you messed with the wrong class if you wanted to slow our progress.” Listen to White’s speech in full on and catch up on the pointers shared by your favorite noteworthy figures.


Congratulations to White as well as the fellow winners of Doritos Valedictorian and the rest of metro Detroit’s graduating class.

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