6 Flint Area Organizations That Are Making a Difference

Support the local groups that are contributing to the comeback of the city


Following the spring launch of the Jaden Smith-backed water filtration system, The Water Box, the rapper and philanthropist has received praise for his contributions to rectifying the Flint water crisis. While the positive endorsement of Smith’s innovative solution to a very large problem is rightfully deserved, several other Flint organizations have shown their continuous support for the city and they, too, deserve support. Check out some of them, below.

Flint River Watershed Coalition

As the leading community-based advocate for clean water, FRWC works to protect and promote a clean river ecosystem. Operating on four main principals: ecosystem health, community health, economic health, and education/recreation, the coalition strives to promote the absolute cleanest water for its city. “We want to create the most healthy, vibrant river community possible,” Executive Director Rebecca Fedewa, says. The coalition accepts donations as well as offering a variety of volunteer opportunities. For more information, visit flintriver.org.

Flint Water Study

This team of independent researchers from Virginia Tech has invested themselves in educating the public about the Flint Water Crisis, including the uncertainties and misrepresentation of facts that are reported daily. To do so, the team has compiled a comprehensive online directory of data and information that is accessible to the public. For more information, visit flintwaterstudy.org.

Flint Cares

Another organization devoted to educating the general public, Flint Cares was created by the Flint Water Recovery Group. This group partners with dozens of Michigan-based nonprofits including the American Red Cross, the AARP Foundation, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Greater Flint Health Coalition, the Hurley Medical Center, and more to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information regarding the water crisis in Flint. For more information, visit flintcares.com.

Community Foundation of Greater Flint

This local charity was created by the people of Flint for the people of Flint. Their primary focus is on improving the quality of life of the city’s citizens. Although this organization doesn’t directly impact the Flint water supply, they are committed to the advancement of the community in any way possible. For more information, visit cfgf.org.

Flint Community Schools

The public schools of Flint Michigan openly welcome and accept cash donations as well as bottled water donations. If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to contribute to an important cause, stop by a Flint Community School to drop off a case of water for its students. The schools received a donation in 2019 from inventor Elon Musk, providing the students with clean water stations throughout the schools. For more information, visit flintschools.org.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation aims to help both the people of Flint and the organizations that contribute to its growing economy. “This deep and lasting commitment has only grown more important in the wake of the Flint Water Crisis,” Kimberly Roberson, director of The Mott Foundation’s Flint area grant-making program, says. “In 2016 alone we committed up to $100 million over five years to help Flint recover and rise from this tragedy.” For more information, visit mott.org.

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