Local Hair Experts Share Their At-Home Care and Styling Tips

Here’s how to keep your hair healthy and stylish without a trip to the salon
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Months into Stay Home, Stay Safe, most of us are craving an appointment with our hairstylist. Split ends, tangled strands, grown-out roots — we’ve seen it all during the quarantine. But, keeping salons closed for now is important to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, and it turns out practicing at-home hair care is totally manageable with just a little bit of advice. Recently, Hour Detroit spoke with George Nikollaj, who owns the Best of Detroit winning 6 Salon with his brother and cousin, and Aisha Williams, one of the top stylists at Southfield’s Kream the Salon. Here’s what they had to say about taking care of your hair during this time. 

Change it up

You know that urge you have to change up your hair when you cannot control the world around you? Do it! Nikollaj says that now is the best time to reinvent your hairstyle. “Right now, we can’t change what’s going on around us,” he says, “but we can change what’s in us,” Williams suggests trying twists and braids for textured hair, and buns or ponytails for relaxed hair. However, while you’re encouraged to experiment, both hair experts believe that trickier styles and treatments should wait for a post-quarantine appointment with a professional. 

Take care between washes

If you’re scaling back on your number of weekly washes, that’s OK. But make sure you still take care of your scalp. “If the scalp has buildup, the growth of the hair will be stunted,” Williams says, adding that it’s important to keep clean between washes. A clarifying shampoo detox can aid in ridding the hair of any leftover product. For his clients, Nikollaj recommends washing twice a week, rinsing the hair in between if needed. Dry shampoo can also help soak up excess oil and grease. 

Protect your hair

Depending on your hair type, conditioning can make all the difference when you’re going a long time between cuts as it helps prevent breakage and split ends. Nikollaj says that the curlier and thicker hair is, the more conditioning treatments you should do at home. For finer hair, over conditioning can lead to flat hair. No matter your hair type, do not put conditioner on your scalp, and, Wiliams says, make sure you rinse out conditioner completely. Leave-in conditioner can also protect your hair against any heat styling and aid in the detangling process.  

Order your products

Many major beauty stores and smaller shops are still offering online shopping. Just be sure to place your order well in advance of when you’ll need your product, as delivery may take longer during this time. Locally, you can even get haircare goods through curbside pickup. At its Birmingham location, 6 Salon is offering $66 root touch-up color mix kits for curbside pickup. The kit comes with color, developer, gloves, brush, and instructions, and orders can be picked up from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Thursday and Friday. 

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