Hour Detroit Wins 14 ‘Excellence in Journalism’ Awards


Troy-based Hour Detroit brought home 14 honors from the annual Society of Professional Journalists – Detroit Chapter (SPJ) 2017 Excellence in Journalism Awards celebration.

Reviewed by journalists from other SPJ chapters, the Excellence in Journalism Awards recognize outstanding achievements in print, broadcast, photo, and online journalism across southeastern Michigan. Hour Detroit was honored in the following categories:

Cover Design: First Place Detroit 1967: From the Ashes (May 2017); Carolyn Chin Watson

Cover Design: Second Place City Guide, Hidden Detroit (April 2017); Carolyn Chin Watson and Jacqui Oakley (illustrator)

Feature Story: First PlaceDetroit 1967: A Look Back (May 2017); Richard Bak, Sydnee Thompson, and Steve Wilke

Sports Reporting: First PlaceWar on Wheels (March 2017); Lexi Trimpe

Personality Profile: First PlaceLife After Innocence – Davontae Sanford (July 2017); Jeff Waraniak

Personality Profile: Third Place — Our Kids Ruined a Perfectly Good Band — the Hard Lessons (December 2017); Lou Blouin

Headline Writing: First Place — The Lamb Down Under, The Naming of the Brews, The French Confection, Anarchy and Ashes, Ivan the Talented (various issues); Steve Wilke

Magazine Spread Design: First Place The Beautiful Game – Fashion (May 2017); Carolyn Chin Watson and Lians Jadan (photographer)

Magazine Spread Design: Honorable MentionRemodeling Suburbia (November 2017); Carolyn Chin Watson and Jennifer Choi

Magazine Spread Design: Honorable MentionWar on Wheels (March 2017); Carolyn Chin Watson and Josh Scott (photographer)

Editorial Writing: Second Place — Detroit’s Unsudden Scene (August 2017); Lou Blouin and Starex Smith (aka “The Hungry Black Man”)

Explanatory Story: Third Place100,000 Points of Data (October 2017); Steve Wilke and Alexa Stanard

Feature Photography: Third PlaceCash Course (November 2017); Carolyn Chin Watson and Hayden Stinebaugh (photographer)

Localization of a National Story: Third Place — Remodeling Suburbia (November 2017); Lou Blouin