Catch These National and International Artists at Murals in the Market

From Columbia and Ireland to New York City and Los Angeles, the Eastern Market event attracts a wide range of talent
Denial - Murals in the Market
Denial photograph courtesy of Daniel Bombardier

While Murals in the Market does a phenomenal job of annually showcasing homegrown talent, it isn’t just an event for Detroiters. These painters, muralists, and graffiti artists have traveled across the world to showcase their art, and now you can view their creations starting on Sept. 14 in Eastern Market.

Denial – Windsor, Ontario

Know as “Denial,” Daniel Bombardier is a stencil and mural artist who has exhibited all over Canada and the U.S. His work focuses on the human condition and consumerism. Some of his most popular prints, entitled “Fashion Addict,” depict pills decorated with designer labels. His work can be seen at

Dennis McNett – Los Angeles

Former professor at the Pratt Institute, Dennis McNett has shown at museums like the Victoria and Albert in London, The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Florida. In addition to wall murals, his art has been featured on Antihero brand skateboards. His work can be seen at

Joe Geis – Brooklyn, New York

In addition to murals, Joe Geis dabbles in woodworking and graphic design. His designs are bright and eye catching and has been picked up by clients like MTV and Comedy Central. His work can be seen at

Kevin Ledo – Montreal

Featured in mural festivals around the world, Kevin Ledo mixes street and fine art to create meaningful and realistic portrait pieces on a large scale. He’s currently rooted in Montreal, but has lived and worked in China, Taiwan, and Costa Rica. His work can be seen at

Kevin Lyons – New York

Known for his signature monster designs that appear all over the world, Kevin Lyons has worked for major brands like Nike, Stussy, and Converse. His work can be seen in places like Paris, Milan, Honolulu, and Washington DC. His work can be seen at

Maser – Dublin

A contemporary visual artist, Maser has been creating art since 1995. Showing across the U.K. and the U.S., his extensive portfolio led him to a collaboration with the president of Ireland, Michael Higgins, on a series of prints. His work can be seen at

Osunlade – New York

A former member of the cast of Sesame Street, music producer and DJ Osunlade now creates Yoruba-inspired music in New York City. He’s worked with singers like Patti Labelle and Freddie Jackson. Listen to his work at

Remi Rough – London

A member of the abstract graffiti movement, Remi Rough has expanded his craft from murals to canvas installations. His pieces utilize bright colors and urban elements and have shown in galleries in Hong Kong, London, and Rome. His work can be seen at

Ron English – New York

Living on the edge, mural artist Ron English has taken over public spaces and created illegal murals and billboards that showcase controversial opinions and statements. His work can be seen at

Todd Francis – Los Angeles

Skateboard artist for Antihero Skateboards, Todd Francis has also worked with brands like Oakley. His political artworks are showcased in his monthly partnership with Penthouse Magazine. His work can be seen at

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