Pineapple Orange Faygo Returns to the Midwest

The citrus drink hits shelves just in time for summer

Move over Rock & Rye and Redpop — a new Faygo flavor is hitting the shelves. After being unavailable in the Midwest for 15 years, Pineapple Orange Faygo is once again being carried locally.

The Detroit beverage brand is also now offering the caffeine-free drink, which has been available year-round in southern states, on the East Coast. Faygo Pineapple Orange comes in both 24-once and two-liter bottles. “We know Faygo fans are incredibly passionate about their favorite flavors, and what better way to honor their devotion than to bring Pineapple Orange back to our hometown of Detroit and then to other parts of the nation,” says Al Chittaro, president of Faygo Beverages. “We are proud to deliver our customers the unforgettable, fresh taste experience of Pineapple Orange.”

pineapple orange faygo
Photograph courtesy of Faygo

Faygo officials share that the timing of the comeback was inspired by the desire to give customers something to share with one another over the coming months. “The Flavor Team at Faygo decided Pineapple Orange is the perfect flavor to bring back to fans as we head to summer, especially after such a difficult winter and spring,” Al Chittaro says. “Faygo is made to share, so we hope that our fans will enjoy Pineapple Orange during these long summer days with their loved ones.”

As part of the drink’s return to the Midwest and East Coast, Faygo is launching a marketing campaign called Together We Pop — company officials say it is intended to promote togetherness as many Americans continue to be separated from their loved ones during the coronavirus crisis. Customers can visit to view content with positive messages, participate in contests, and pairing up with others to compete in a digital game show and win brand merchandise.

Faygo, which was founded in Detroit in 1907 as Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works, offers more than 50 different flavors. The last time the company released a “new” flavor was in 2017, when Arctic Sun, a grapefruit-cherry pop, made its nationwide comeback.

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