Order Pizza, Fight the Pandemic

How three organizations are helping support the food and healthcare industries one pie at a time
pizza vs pandemic
Pizza vs Pandemic coordinates a delivery from Kesté Pizza & Vino to healthcare workers at New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York City. // Photograph courtesy of Slice

First, Buddy’s Pizza announced its support for first responders of the COVID-19 crisis with the launch of its Feeding the Front Liners program. Aptly named, the effort would, well, feed those on the frontlines, caring for patients being treated at local hospitals. Now, a national program is calling hundreds of independent pizza shops to join in the effort of feeding healthcare workers across the country.

With pizza as the cuisine that binds them, three organizations teamed up to create Pizza vs Pandemic, an effort to support both small businesses and hospital workers dedicating long hours to tending to those being treated for the coronavirus. The program is a collaboration between Slice Out Hunger, a volunteer-based organization dedicated to hunger relief in America; Pizza to the Polls, a nonprofit devoted to providing pizza for hungry voters waiting in lines at the polls; and Slice, a pizza pickup and delivery service. Since its inception on March 21, Pizza vs the Pandemic has delivered 4,000 pies to 112 medical centers, raising more than $210,000. Most recently, Detroit’s Happy’s Pizza delivered to DMC’s Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Here’s how it works: Donors can make contributions in the amount of their choosing at sliceouthunger.com. With those funds, the program organizers will identify medical centers with the greatest need of support and partner with a local independent pizza shop to coordinate orders and deliveries to the centers, following health and social distancing protocols.  

To join the cause, submit your financial contribution to Pizza vs Pandemic, or simply suggest a care center in need of food in the Detroit area. Your support means food for our healthcare workers and cash for small, independent food businesses.