Q&A: Blue October Front Man, Justin Furstenfeld

The alternative rock band brings its U.S. tour to Royal Oak

Blue OctoberSince its founding in 1995, the alternative rock band Blue October has churned out eight studio albums and 11 chart-topping hits, including platinum singles “Hate Me” and “Into the Ocean.” The band is currently touring the U.S. to promote its ninth record, I Hope You’re Happy, which was released in August. On Oct. 11, Blue October will perform at Royal Oak Music Theatre, playing their newest songs “Colors Collide,” “Daylight,” and more. We spoke with lead singer, Justin Furstenfeld, prior to the show.

Hour Detroit: How does I Hope You’re Happy compare to your previous albums?

Justin Furstenfeld: First off, the style is completely different; it’s a hybrid of romantic art rock and an ’80s vibe. We wanted to produce something streamlined yet packed with hooks. More importantly, we wanted to convey how we want nothing but happiness for everyone. That’s our bottom line. It’s an important message to spread these days, you know? Life is way too short to be selfish.

What is your favorite song on the album?

I’d have to say, “Your Love Is Like A Car Crash.” It’s clean and sexy, but also it reminds me of a score from an old French ballet mixed with a James Bond-like theme song.

Tell us about the music video for Blue October’s single “I Hope You’re Happy.”

I just loved making it because it was so creative and out of the box. It’s totally different from any of our other music videos. I really don’t like to toot my own horn, but damn, I’m good in it. Fans will totally appreciate the full film, too, which is called Am I Happy?

The album website is selling different Blue October experiences, including the chance for fans to propose to their significant other at one of your concerts. What has that experience been like?

One time, someone declined their partner’s proposal. It got really freaking awkward, so we just started playing a song. If you’re going to propose, you should know if they’re going say “yes” because if not, you’ll end up looking like a dumbass.

What are you looking forward to with your upcoming show in metro Detroit?

I’m really excited to play our new songs and see first-hand how much our fanbase has grown. Our bassist, Matt Noveskey, is from Traverse City, so whenever we perform in Detroit and Ann Arbor, he gets a homecoming. But I mean like, come on, it’s freaking Detroit.

For more information, visit blueoctober.com.

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