New Short Film Addresses Injustices Faced by Detroit’s Black Community

”‘Til We See The Sky” reflects on Detroit’s history of rising above adversity
til we see the sky
Film still courtesy of Eightfold Collective

Detroit-based video production company The Eightfold Collective, in partnership with Detroit photographer Bre’Ann White, has released a short film, ‘Til We See The Sky. In a powerful three minutes, the film explores the resilience of Detroit and the city’s response to the fight against police brutality.

While the original goal of the film was to address COVID-19’s disproportionate effect on Detroit and Black Americans, George Floyd’s death prompted White, who produced the film, and The Eightfold Collective to broaden the film’s message to address all the injustices Black people face. Footage of Detroit protests was included to address the city’s demand for change.

“It was a very easy transition to bring the police brutality aspect into the film just because we are all literally sitting down and have nothing to do but watch what we have been going through for hundreds and hundreds of years,” White says.

The film’s name, she says, reflects Detroit’s history of rising above adversity. ‘Til We See The Sky is intended to spark positive conversations on hope, unity, and justice, while documenting the lived experiences of everyday Detroiters.

The short film features some of White’s family, friends, and Jefferson Chalmers neighbors. “I do want to definitely make sure we give a shout out to the Detroiters, like the residents who were a part of the film, because they literally made things happen,” she says. “People were really waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning just to film… It was all a collaboration piece among the talent and the crew.”

The film’s website provides an extensive list of educational tools, organizations, and resources for pandemic relief and the Black Lives Matter movement including: COVID-19 support for BIPOC, lists of local black-owned businesses, donation and petition links, films and television shows, books, and podcasts.

“I really want people to come together as a community to build awareness and change,” White says. “COVID-19 is still happening. I just recently lost my father from COVID-19. And I want people to realize a change has to come — creating that change is the main focus. At the end of the day, nothing can really stop Detroit.”

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