The New Tiny Wedding Trend Hits Metro Detroit

Cornman Farms is combining the simplicity of courtroom nuptials with the sophistication of traditional weddings
tiny wedding
Photograph courtesy of Cornman Farms

Elopement once aroused images of rebellious young lovers running away to marry in secret. But over the years, its meaning shifted. With the average wedding estimated to cost nearly $34,000, according to The Knot’s 2018 Real Weddings Study, more couples are defying tradition and turning away from the expenses and stresses of planning a big wedding. Instead, they’re opting for more simple ways to celebrate their commitment to one another. And, as a result, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms is now offering a Tiny Wedding package — a luxurious, curated, miniature wedding experience priced at only $1,950.

Each season, the wedding venue plans to partner with some of metro Detroit’s finest wedding vendors, like Modernly Events, Detroit Design Co., and Plume & Proper, to put on 12 Tiny Weddings over the course of three days. The first of these will take place through Sept. 10-12 this fall. Modernly Events will handle event design for the fall 2019.

Elopers who want a Tiny Wedding will be limited to an hour and a half at the award-winning outdoor venue in Dexter. The couple can have a total of four guests. Cornman Farms will also provide an officiant, a photographer and 45 digital images, a sparkling wine toast, bouquets, a farm animal visit, and “tiny” wedding cake by Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Event design is also handled by the venue. The decor theme for September’s tiny weddings is  Autumn Harvest. Couples can expect a color palette inspired by the burnt oranges of the fall season and earth-toned florals.

tiny wedding
Photograph courtesy of Cornman Farms

Jamie Gray, marketing and public relations manager of Cornman Farms, says that their guests inspired the Tiny Wedding concept. “We noticed that there was a significant number of guests inquiring who wanted to get married on our property with limited guests, limited planning, and limited budget.” Cornman Farms developed The Tiny Wedding to cater to couples who don’t want the stress of planning but want something more elegant than a courtroom.

“We believe we are one of the first to catch on to a new consumer trend and present a product in a way that’s never been done before,” says Gray. While other all-inclusive elopement packages exist, The Tiny Wedding uniquely offers simple online purchasing and coordinates every aspect of the event, Gray says. The only thing the couple must do is show up.

There are only 11 spots left at this time, so aspiring elopers should act fast. For more information visit

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