Dr. Tahki Jayasvasti


Women Who Move Detroit – 2019 – Special Section

Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist

3100 Cross Creek Pkwy, Ste. 220  |  Auburn Hills, MI 48326  |  (248) 325-8549

Redesigned medical care for a new millennium has finally taken shape, the brainchild of Dr. Tahki Jayasvasti, board-certified internal medicine doctor and visionary in the field of primary care. Begging the question “how do we put ‘care’ back into health care?”, Dr. Tahki has reinvented the patient-doctor relationship by making it just that, a relationship. She could see that patients were looking for more — more time, more interest, more involvement from their physician. The need was apparent — to be more involved in their life and lifestyle. To that end, Dr. Tahki created the concept of Concierge Plus, still practicing insightful medicine and delivering exceptional care, but no longer boxed into the existing paradigm where patients have limited time and unreasonable access to their physician. Patients are now eagerly engaging in a 24-7 availability model with unrestricted time per visit. No more appointment desks, long waits in waiting rooms and examining rooms, no longer a practice with bankers’ hours, Dr. Tahki’s Concierge Plus is akin to having a relative as your doctor, available a cell phone call away when needed. This is the primary care model of the future. With immediate access to specialists in every field, no moment is wasted. It’s a customized model in diagnostic and preventative medicine, delivering exceptional care, inspiring health, and encouraging patients to participate in becoming their best selves.

For a preliminary consultation, please call Dr. Tahki at 248-325-8549.





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