Real Estate All-Stars 2015



It’s an Exciting Time in Metro Detroit

In 2014 and so far in 2015, it has been an exciting time in the world of real estate. Now more than ever, the real estate industry is facing many interesting changes. To start, the housing market is drastically improving, due to the amount of people buying and selling houses. When you compare the last five years, this improvement is at an all-time high. The changes aren’t just limited to the amount of people buying and selling homes; metro Detroit has also seen radical changes from pricing trends to the days on market.

There’s a 90 percent increase in home value over the last five years, and the average number of days on the market has decreased more than 18 percent. Hour Media was able to recognize the 2014 Real Estate All-Stars by continuing our partnership with MiRealSource — Multiple Listing Service (MLS) — of Troy.

MiRealSource is Michigan’s largest broker-owned MLS. They maintain a database of listings throughout Michigan, as well as syndicate listing data to sites for consumers to access, such as MiRealSource’s Web-based software — used for collecting, searching, and distributing listings — was rated No. 1 for the last three years in a national survey.

MiRealSource continues to be innovative in the world of real estate by participating in the Great Lakes Repository (GLR). The GLR allows REALTORS® of participating MLS’s to share data and work together throughout the state. The GLR benefits sellers by giving their home more exposure, thus providing more inventory for buyers.

MiRealSource invited REALTORS® whose 2014 home sales by volume were within the top 5 percent in metro Detroit, to be recognized in Hour magazine. The REALTORS® who granted permission are named in the Real Estate All-Star list. Hiring a REALTOR® like those listed continues to be the best resource to service clients, with the most accurate data and convenience.

“We’re honored to share this list of outstanding REALTORS®, and recognize their hard work and achievement over the past year. There so many deserving agents, but we believe this list is a fair representation of the industry leaders,” says Taylor Maguire, MiRealSource’s director of Communications and Photography.

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