The Way It Was — General Motors Co. Headquarters

1923One hundred years ago, General Motors Co. completed construction on its massive 15-story headquarters on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit. It soon became an...

The Way It Was — Highland Park Market

1933 In the late 1800s, Syrian and Lebanese merchants began slowly filtering into Detroit. By the end of the Roaring Twenties, thousands of immigrants from Arabic...

The Way It Was — The Detroit Pistons at Olympia Stadium

1958 Sometimes sharing a space with another tenant just isn’t easy. For their first four seasons after moving from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Detroit in...

The Way It Was — Rosa Parks and a Friend at The Detroit Zoo

1948  A few of Southeast Michigan's cultural institutions have proven than the 125-acre Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, which opened 95 years ago. One...

The Way It Was — Queen Elizabeth II On The Detroit River

1951  She reigned as the United Kingdom's Monarch for so long that it’s hard to think of her title as anything other than Her...

The Way It Was: Christmas Shopping in Downtown Detroit

1952 In today's mercantile world of Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, and other e-tailers, it’s easy to forget that shopping once meant a sensory experience, not just...

The Way It Was — Joseph Campau

1957 Looking south from the corner of Joseph Campau and Caniff, this photo shows Hamtramck’s main business artery, Joseph Campau, a busy hub...

The Way It Was — D.M. Ferry & Co.

1943Detroit once had a seedy reputation, but not in the derogatory sense. The city was home to the world’s largest seed company, D.M. Ferry...
Detroit Civic Center 1959

The Way It Was — Detroit’s Changing Face

1959 If one had to assign a title to this image, “Detroit’s Confluence of the Old and New” would be as fitting as any. The...

The Way It Was – Michigan State Fair

Miss Michigan State Fair Lila Verslype poses with a calf called Playboy

The Way It Was – John Wayne, 1956

The Duke visited Detroit to crown the winner of the Miss Wayne pageant
detroit grand prix

The Way It Was — Detroit Grand Prix, 1982

The auto event was first held in the city 40 years ago
may day detroit

The Way It Was — May Day, 1930

Children whirl around the maypole at the Merrill-Palmer Institute in Midtown Detroit
tigers opening day ford family

The Way It Was — Opening Day, 1937

William, Josephine Ford, Eleanor, and Edsel Ford cheer on the Tigers
Birds of Flight

The Way It Was – ‘Birds of Flight,’ 1955

The mobile sculpture by Gwen Lux was situated outside Southfield's Northland Center