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A Local Expert Weighs in on Today’s Top Skin Care Trends

Physician assistant, TikToker, and blogger Kelly Swanson shares her take on slugging, double cleansing, celebrity brands, and more
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Propel Fitness Water & Mindy Kaling Bring ‘Joy of Working Out’ Tour to Detroit

The tour will present free fitness classes with local instructors
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Where Michigan Hospital Systems Stand on Abortion

With legality of abortion still unclear, health providers take differing stances
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3 Medical Tests that Could Save Your Life

With heart attacks and cancer still topping the charts as the leading causes of death in America, what are we doing about prevention?

Meet the Local Health Care Worker Who Founded Sassy Girl Skin Co.

Bria Myers created the all-natural skin care brand suitable for herself and, hopefully, many others
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4 Local Companies and Individuals Making a Difference in Health Care

These newsmakers are on the cutting edge of the medical community

How the Pandemic Has Transformed Life for Pharmacists

Pharmacists have watched their roles change drastically, due to COVID-19, and there are some things they want you to know
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The Health Screenings You May Have Missed During the Pandemic

Missed screenings have affected the health of patients of every age

Essay: How Medicine’s Push Toward Breastfeeding Is Harming Families

'Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone. It is not a universal truth that breastfeeding is always the best option or an irrefutably correct opinion...'

TikTok Star Dr. Anthony Youn Administers a Healthy Dose of Laughter

The plastic surgeon talks about leaving the Los Angeles market, internet fame, backlash from the medical community, and more
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There’s a Childhood Mental Health Crisis — Parents and Guardians Can Help

While the pandemic may have ignited an acute crisis, many underlying causes of this epidemic of childhood stress, anxiety, and suicidality are chronic

A Cancer Survivor on Discovering the Many Benefits of Pilates

Plus, where to practice in metro Detroit