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6 Interesting Detroit Development Projects Expected to Open in 2022

Hubs and havens for innovation, recreation, and social justice – plus mixed-use affordable housing and Amazon – highlight a busy 2022 of openings

2022 Hour Detroiters: Darnell Adams Wants To Build the Real Detroit Anew

The director of community initiatives at the Gilbert Family Foundation makes our annual list of people making Motown a better place

A Closer Look at a Historic Highland Park Pedestrian Tunnel

Most people who walk or drive past this decrepit, defaced concrete structure in Highland Park have no idea it represents a curious piece of Motor City history

A Major Overhaul May Bring Detroit’s Palmer Park Back to its Roots

Green space pioneer Frederick Law Olmsted Sr.’s original plan for the space is central to the restoration efforts

Oudolf Garden Detroit to Officially Open this Weekend

The new addition to Belle Isle is Dutch horticulturist Piet Oudolf's latest public garden

‘Hard Reset’ Argues That Corporate Workplace Fairness Can Be Lucrative

The new book is written by Detroiters Marlin Williams, vice president of global diversity and inclusion at StockX, and Marlo Rencher, director of technology-based programs for TechTown Detroit and founder of Tech Founders Academy
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Is This Real Estate Market Boom a Bubble?

We spoke with a senior economist at Zillow to find out

What’s Behind the Real Estate Frenzy — and How Long Will It Last?

With demand high and supply low, Southeast Michigan, like much of the country, has home-buyers frantic and sellers sitting pretty

Are the Best Days of the Greater Penobscot in the Past?

The building has long been among Detroit’s most celebrated landmarks. Its decay, though, is drawing a different sort of attention. 
Fort Wayne

Detroit Gets Creative in Its Quest To Breathe New Life Into Historic Fort Wayne

The city's Parks and Recreation Department has struck a deal with National Park Service to allow for development while maintaining the site's integrity
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Editor’s Letter: Please Enjoy Our May Issue Responsibly

In this month's letter, 'Hour Detroit' editor Dan Caccavaro talks our coverage on internet gambling, beer, and magic mushrooms
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Grosse Pointe Native Derek Stevens Is Sin City’s Most Interesting Rising Mogul

With a new $1 billion resort, Stevens spoke to us about how he's paying homage to his hometown and why the Michigan casino market isn't for him