Can you believe the PetFest competition, presented by NutriSource Pet Foods, has come to an end? It’s true; after nearly two months filled with tons of submissions and thousands of votes, Hour Detroit Magazine’s hunt for the state’s cutest pet is coming to a bittersweet close.

All photos are posted here for the entire year, and the winner will be announced on September 15 and will be featured in our October issue. Hour Detroit’s “Cutest Pet” will also receive a professional photoshoot and a special gift from NutriSource Pet Foods!

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A special thank you to NutriSource for presenting.

Proceeds from the contest will benefit Detroit Dog Rescue.



Jazz Husak from Novi, Michigan is the 2021 winner of Hour Detroit’s PetFest, presented by NutriSource!


Parents: Michael Husak and Tara Tomcsik-Husak

Nickname: Jazzers, Lil Buddy, Good Boy

Words that Describe Jazz: Snuggly, Playful, Loyal, Emotional, and Talkative

Favorite Things:  Cuddling with Mom, wrestling with Dad, chasing and tormenting his sister Nomi (aka Big Cat), watching bird videos on YouTube, carrying “Fuzzy” or “Tiger” (his toy mice) around the house, scratching doors at bedtime, playing in water dishes, and waking his parents up (at least) 3 times a night for kitty kisses and snuggles.

Favorite Places:  Curled up on Mom or Dad’s lap, lounging in the sun on any windowsill, or spending a night with mom in Hotel Jazzers.

Favorite Pastime: Jazz is the Chief MEOWketing Officer for, a new nonprofit dedicated to helping local cat rescue organizations fund the business and medical needs to keep foster cats healthy, ready to be adopted, and help them find their FURRever homes.  He serves as the PURRfect spokesperson to help raise awareness and donations.

Silliest Quirk:  Jazz is a devon rex who was born in Canada.  He pretty much acts like a spider monkey in a cat’s body.  He likes to climb on top of doors, announce to the world that he’s using the litter box, yells at his parents when they leave the house, and drools when he is happy…. so he pretty much drools all day, with every snuggly purr.