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Coffee Down Under

Detroit Community Fridge - YouTube Thumbnail

The Detroit Community Fridge is Supplying Fresh Produce to Locals

Just a minute, Detroit! Emily Eicher and Alyssa Rogers have found a unique solution to the growing problem of food insecurity in the metro...
Folk - YouTube Thumbnail

An Old Concept Brought New Energy To This Café

Amid a global crisis, the beloved restaurant Folk pivoted to a hybrid café and market model.
Cheat Treats - YouTube Thumbnail

These “Freakshakes” Come With a Mountain of Toppings

Just a minute, Detroit! Every now and then, we’re all presented with a dietary ultimatum: to satisfy a sweet tooth with a sugar-rich treat,...
Blitzen Bowl - YouTube Thumbnail

Carryout Cocktails in Metro Detroit – The Blitzen Bowl

Though it might be cold outside, take home a seasonal frozen drink from Standby’s sibling, The Skip.

This Detroit Baker Uses Ingredients That Are Both Sustainable & Delicious

“Just a Minute” is Hour Detroit magazine’s definitive foodie series on where to eat and drink in the greater metropolitan Detroit area – from...

Dazzling Drive-Thru Light Shows to Check Out

Drive-thru shows across the state are lighting up the sky with holiday cheer. Here are six light shows in Michigan that are worth a visit.

New Restaurants Are Still Opening in Metro Detroit

If you thought you wouldn’t see a new restaurant anytime soon, metro Detroit restaurateurs had other plans. In this episode of "Just a Minute,...

This Detroit Walkup Offers Warm Broth For Cold Winter Days

This video is sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and #PureMichigan.

Thanksgiving Food Tips

 Learn Thanksgiving tips from the pros. Read the full article here.

This Metro Detroit Bar Isn’t Transmuting Lead Into Gold, but They’re Doing the Next...

We paid a visit to one of Royal Oak's new restaurants — Alchemi. This establishment derives its name from "alchemy" and explores the transformation of basic ingredients to food and drink.⁠

This Detroit Restaurant is Really Hopping

Recently, we paid a visit to Bunny Bunny on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit.

Give Back to the Community While Enjoying Blake’s Hard Cider

Last year, Blake’s Hard Cider debuted Saint Chéri, a bourbon barrel-aged cherry hard cider that benefits local nonprofit the Empowerment Plan. Now, the charitable cider is back on shelves for a limited time.

Christmas Will Look Different for Many City Bars This Year

Christmas is right around the corner, and like with so many other things in 2020, it's going to look different this year for many restaurants and bars.

Edible Gold-Covered Ice Cream?

Just a minute, Detroit — normally, we don't recommend eating gold (or any other metals for that matter). This gold-leaf covered matcha soft serve from Café Maiko, called the Golden Shogun, is definitely the exception.⁠

This Upscale Restaurant is Going Back to the Basics

Just a minute, Detroit! Pernoi in Birmingham originally opened as a fine-dining concept under the direction of Luciano DelSignore and Takashi Yagihashi.

Is this the Restaurant of the Future?

We paid a visit to what is undoubtedly one of the region's most unique new restaurant — EastEats. This restaurant is comprised of 10 geodesic domes on platforms that are made from upcycled pallets.

This Retro Restaurant Offers 1950s-Style TV Dinners

Just a minute, Detroit! We heard that Karl's at the ultra-glam Siren Hotel is offering retro 1950s-style TV dinners, and we just had to stop by and see for ourselves.⁠ As Hour Detroit dining editor Lyndsay Green wrote earlier this year: "Everything is more glamorous at The Siren." Yes, that includes TV dinners.⁠

The “Pastabilities” Are Endless at This Detroit Eatery

Recently, we paid a visit to Pastability in Detroit. This local pasta restaurant features over 100 combinations of sauce, protein, and noodles.