Downtown Detroit Partnership Rolls Out Information Kiosks Across Detroit

There kiosks provide real-time updates on transit, public safety, businesses, and more.
Photograph courtesy of the Downtown Detroit Partnership

The Downtown Detroit Partnership has teamed up with IKE Smart City and the City of Detroit to launch a number of digital information kiosks across the city that “aim to create a more connected city for all Detroiters.”

Located in Jefferson-Chalmers, Midtown, Downtown, Southwest Detroit, and Corktown, these kiosks offer a wide variety of information including transit and public safety messages, a business directory, job postings, and a list of free wi-fi hotspots.

They also have an emergency call button so that users can quickly connect with first responders, and special interactive features like selfie stations, games, and opinion polls.

The goal, according to the Downtown Detroit Partnership’s website, is to help support guests who are unfamiliar with the city, encourage “park-once” trips to Detroit, enhance the streetscape, and promote access to area businesses.

“Informational kiosks like these are becoming an invaluable tool across many of our neighborhood commercial corridors that are seeing an influx of new shops, restaurants and other services,” Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said in a press release.

“They also are a convenient entry point for residents to access a whole range of free education, training and jobs programs available for Detroiters.”

There is a total of 28 these kiosks available throughout the city. You can view a map of the kiosks here.

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