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More Music, Please

Let me preface this by saying Hour shines a bright light on a city that typically gets a bad rap. The only qualm I have is that aside from event listings in the back, there’s nothing about music. Detroit was the home of Motown and still has a very active music scene. We have historic venues like the Fox Theatre and The Fillmore. There are great local bands coming out such as Wilson, Suicide Machines, I Prevail, Poor Richards Almanac, and Cymbals — to name a few. Southeast Michigan’s music scene never ceases to astonish, and I’d love to see more of it.
— Ashley Moore


Hoof it to Mulefoot … and Beyond

Great article! (“Field Trip,” February 2015). I really enjoyed the mention of Romeo and Almont. I’m glad to hear The Mulefoot Gastropub is doing so well!
Missy Dex-Wheeler, via hourdetroit.com


// I am so happy to have The Mulefoot in Imlay City! Great article!
Amy Koyl Planck via hourdetroit.com 


// Come up to Thumb Brewery in Caseville!
Toni Sielski-Lakatos via hourdetroit.com 


White at Wright

I noticed the same thing (“Of Race and Restaurants,” February 2015) when dining at Wright & Co. last year. My dining companion was one of only three people in the entire place that wasn’t white! Very sad.
Adrian Lark, Cornell University, via hourdetroit.com


Blog Inspired by Hour

For several years, I had been collecting pages from Hour Detroit — showcases on locally owned restaurants, shops, and bars — and putting them in a binder as reminders of all the places I’d never been but wanted to try. But they were more of a collection of somedays and maybes. That changed last February. I came up with a challenge — 100placesinthed.wordpress.com — to visit 100 establishments I had never been to in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties. I hoped to break out of the same-old, same-old rut — and blog to inspire others who might be stuck gravitating toward safeness and familiarity. I thought that there weren’t enough non-national-chain establishments in the area … how wrong I was! Completing this challenge (with a visit to Grand Trunk Pub), I’ve barely scratched the surface! I re-subscribed to Hour to stay abreast of all the wonderful places you highlight.
 — Jackie Flood, Clinton Township

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