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Trowbridge Home

The Way It Was – The Charles Christopher Trowbridge Home, 1955

The Charles Christopher Trowbridge Home, 1955

The Way It Was – George Shirley, 1966

George Shirley, 1966

The Way It Was – Hudson’s Northland in Southfield, 1956

1956, Hudson's Northland in Southfield

A Christmas Story

Letter from the Editor, December 2018

Contributors: December 2018

Hour Detroit, December 2018

Style and the City

Letter from the Editor, November 2018

Contributors: November 2018

Hour Detroit, November 2018

The Way It Was – Aretha Franklin, 1980

Aretha Franklin, 1980
TWIW Better Made Chips

The Way It Was – Better Made Snack Foods, 1971

Better Made Snack Foods, 1971

Doctor's Orders

When I sat down to write this letter, I was adamant about one thing: I did not want to discuss the celebrity suicides that...

Contributors: October 2018

Hour Detroit, October 2018
TWIW The Leland Hotel

The Way It Was – The Leland Hotel, 1940

The Leland Hotel, 1940

“Detroit’s Got Soul”

Letter from the Editor, September 2018

Contributors: September 2018

Hour Detroit, September 2018

This Time, I Really Mean It

Letter from the Editor, August 2018

Contributors: August 2018

Hour Detroit, August 2018
TWIW Cadillac Coffee Co

The Way It Was – Cadillac Coffee Co., 1937

Cadillac Coffee Co., 1937

The Way It Was – Detroit Yacht Club’s Women’s Swim Team, 1929

Detroit Yacht Club's Women's Swim Team, 1929

Contributors: July 2018

Hour Detroit, July 2018

(Not So) Great Expectations?

Letter from the Editor, July 2018