Spruce Up Your Space with These 5 Metro Detroit Plant Shops

Add a fern, air plant, or succulent to your home or office
LeafMe - plant shop
LeafMe’s site features something for every type of plant owner. // Photograph courtesy of LeafMe

Whether you’re a professional plant parent or new to the plant game entirely, these little green friends are an ideal way to bring some new life into your space. Check out these metro Detroit plant shops to find your new companion.


LeafMe, an online plant company, offers a quick and efficient shopping experience. The store has something for every type of plant owner, from first-time growers to professional plant parents. Some of the plants featured on the site — including the ficus Audrey bush, syngonium, and aglaonema red valentine — are accompanied by detailed descriptions that include need-to-know soil, watering, and light information. If you’re not sure what to get, LeafMe offers consultations in which a representative will come to your commercial or residential space and suggest what plants work best. LeafMe also sells plant accessories like pink ceramic planters and a mist and stream bottle. LeafMe; leafme.com

The Plant House

Self-described as “your neighborhood plant shop,” The Plant House is located in The Rust Belt Market. In addition to selling countless plants like monsteras and neon pothos, The Plant House workers have a passion for plants and are prepared to answer any of your questions. Come for the wide selection of nursery plants, succulents, air plants, and planters, and stay for the Plant Bar, where an expert will pot the plant of your choice. The Plant House, 22801 Woodward Ave., Ferndale; 248-270-8404; planthouseferndale.com

The Persian shield is available for purchase on Bloomscape’s website. // Photograph courtesy of Bloomscape


Bloomscape sells dozens of classic and exotic plants in sleek, stylish pots. Shop the online retailer’s Indoor Plants section to pick up a heartleaf philodendron or a fiddle-leaf fig for your space, or check out the new Outdoor Plant section to add a Persian shield bloom kit or helichrysum bloom kit to your balcony or patio. Bloomscape plants ship directly from a greenhouse straight to your door. This helps keep your plant healthy and safe on its way to you. Bloomscape’s website is packed with information — including how difficult it is to take care of each plant and whether they’re safe for pets — to help you choose the best plant and hone your growing skills. The company also runs an app called Vera by Boomscape that provides plant tips and watering reminders. Bloomscape; bloomscape.com

Telly’s Greenhouse

Whether you’re stopping by the Troy or Shelby Township location (the latter of which is currently closed for the season), you’re sure to be met with a friendly face to guide you through the plant shopping process at Telly’s Greenhouse. The shop’s founders, George and Mark, first discovered their green thumb when they were kids opening up a roadside plant stand outside their house. Four decades later, the duo has continued to devote their time to helping plant owners find their newest prize. Telly’s carries succulents, air plants, ferns, and more. The shop also offers a Bonsai workshop, which teaches customers how to care for their own tree. Telly’s Greenhouse – Troy, 3301 John R Road, Troy; 248-689-8735; Telly’s Greenhouse – Shelby Township, 4343 24 Mile Road, Shelby Township; 248-659-8555; tellys.com

Graye’s Greenhouse

Devoted to friendly service and unique inventory, Graye’s Greenhouse provides an ideal plant shopping experience. The greenhouse was built in 1928 by Alex Wnuk and later developed by his children. Featuring succulents, ferns, air plants, and more, Graye’s Greenhouse has an extensive collection of plants at affordable prices. The shop also sells handmade clay pots so that you can give your plant a stylish new home, all in one visit. Graye’s Greenhouse, 8820 N. Lilley Road, Plymouth; 734-453-1220; grayesgreenhouse.com