Better Together

An Instagram-worthy space in Warren has all the fixings for creative collaboration // Photograph courtesy of Kristin Greenwald Photography

The life of a writer, so I’ve found, can be isolating at times. Like many creative fields, it often requires those at the center of it to pull long, tedious hours all on their own. Not that I — a Myers-Briggs-certified introvert — am necessarily complaining, but connecting with others, especially when it comes to working on a creative project, often yields the best results.

That clunky paragraph you can’t get right? Share it with a mentor. Anxious about launching your photography business? Test shoot with friends. You get the point. And so does Christina Brillati, the owner of Tribe Detroit, a chic minimalist space in Warren that aims to bring local creatives together.

Nestled on the corner of Old Chicago and Mound roads, I first visited Tribe shortly after its launch in spring 2018. Brillati, who is also a freelance interior designer and stay-at-home mom, had organized a social media class. The small group of attendees, mainly consisting of women, sat at long white tables positioned on one side of the  large community room. Munching on cheese and crackers and sipping wine, we took notes as digital marketing strategist Rachele Wright Wilson took us through the ins and outs of utilizing platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook as a creative. When class ended, phone numbers were exchanged, plans were made among individuals to collaborate, and Brillati extended an invitation for mimosas and open work hours at Tribe the following week. Without question, I returned.

Since my initial visit, Tribe has grown to offer even more resources, including DIY workshops, panel sessions, and Snap + Social + Solve, a service where particpants team up with Brillati, photographer Alyssa Leffler, and Wright to create visual content for their business. There are less open work hours now, but the space is available for rental. No matter how it evolves though, Brillati continues to accomplish one major goal: helping people find their tribe.

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