Meet the Mom Boss: Mother Honestly’s Blessing Adesiyan

The chemical engineer, graduate student, CEO, and mother of two on balance and business
Blessing Adesiyan Mother Honestly
Photograph by Erin Schmidt

“Motherhood is demanding AF, according to Blessing Adesiyan, 32. So in 2018, she founded Mother Honestly, an online and IRL platform dedicated to empowering moms via coaching sessions, workshops, podcasts, and more. Its flagship event, Mother: The Summit, will be held in Detroit on Oct. 11.

Metro Detroit Baby and Beyond: What inspired you to start Mother Honestly? 

Blessing Adesiyan: Women are chasing degrees, a well-paying job, marriage, and kids, but we don’t have a village to rely on for support. I want to leave women with the tools to live fuller lives in and beyond motherhood. 

What’s the hardest part of balancing career and motherhood?

Adesiyan: Child care. If we want women to take on a larger role in corporate America, we need to make our child care system affordable.

You call your husband your “secret weapon.” Why? 

Adesiyan: If women do all the work at home, we can’t do what we need to for our careers. My husband is extremely helpful. I couldn’t do everything I do without him.