Release Some Frustration at These Metro Detroit Rage Rooms

These local rage rooms offer a fun way to throw a tantrum.
Destruction Depot in Whitmore Lake. // Photograph by Hayden Stinebaugh

Ever wanted to smash a plate in the name of frustration? Rage rooms are a space where people can express their anger by destroying various breakable objects in a safe, controlled setting.

Rage rooms began popping up in the early 2000s, and today there are hundreds of rooms open in cities all over the United States – with a few opportunities to rage right here in Michigan.

With its controlled setting and lively environment, a rage room is a healthy way to let out anger and exert energy. Destruction therapy can also help you release negative emotion or stored stress. Plus, many rage room facilities tailor the experience to each client, allowing you to bring your own “rage playlist,” or personal household items to smash, for extra catharsis.

It should be noted that while rage rooms can temporarily relieve frustration and leave you feeling free, attending one is not a substitute for professional help and mental health tools.

However, if you’re looking for a power hour to release some rage and blow off steam, you might be interested in one of these rage room locations in metro Detroit — in fact, many customers often don’t realize just how interested they were and are often surprised at how they feel after the session and admit: “I didn’t even know I needed that!”

Note: for all rage rooms, you must wear closed-toe shoes and proper attire. Adults must accompany minors.

Destruction Depot in Whitmore Lake. // Photograph by Hayden Stinebaugh

Destruction Depot

Dubbed the “Mid-west’s #1 Rage Room,” Destruction Depot is the place to go when you need to let some emotion fly free. Breakables are offered at various prices. Room fee is $20 per person, and you have the room for 45 minutes or until you run out of things to break … whichever comes first! Pick what to wreck, suit up, and release those emotions! And if you like what you smash at Whitmore Lake, Destruction Depot has announced its plan to open a second location in Fenton. Open seven days a week. Destruction Depot, 11048 Hi Tech Drive, Whitmore Lake; 734-999-0128;

Escape Room Zone

Escape Room Zone offers two rage room locations in Madison Heights and Farmington. You will be provided with one bin of 25 breakable items, and you can bring more from home. Before you arrive, make a rage room playlist to hook up to their loudspeaker! And the fun doesn’t stop there! After you rage, check out some of the other activities Escape Room Zone offers including escape rooms, parties, and paint blast. Sessions are 20 minutes, and you must call for parties larger than two people. $40 per person. Must be 13+. Open seven days a week. Various locations; Farmington: 248-904-1110; Madison Heights: 248-616-0050;

River Rat Rage Room

“Come angry, leave happy” at River Rat Rage Room. This entire facility is built for all levels of rage, offering three different rooms. One bin of 12-14 breakable items will be provided, though you can bring things from home, too. Blast your music through their speakers and get ready for 30 full minutes of stress-relieving raging. $45 includes room and one rager. $25 for additional rager. Open Thursday-Sunday. River Rat Rage Room, 1479 Fort Street, Wyandotte; 734-258-8088;

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