Create the Ideal Engagement Ring With Elaine B’s Latest Collection

Find your perfect match at this Ferndale jeweler
Elaine B Jewelry - engagement rings
Photograph courtesy of Elaine B

Out of a sunlit, Bohemian studio in downtown Ferndale, Elaine B’s all-women team fashions ethically sourced materials into fine handmade jewelry. Much like its storefront, the brand’s everyday pieces draw on natural and architectural influences that evoke an air of refined effortlessness. 

Crafted from yellow gold as well as sterling and oxidized silver, Elaine B’s simple necklaces and earrings are thoughtfully designed with clean lines and geometric shapes. Their lightly hammered surfaces are adorned with natural pearls and rough-cut stones in myriad shades. These pieces speak of a wearer who is sophisticated, determined, and creative.

Elaine B also produces bridal jewelry that maintains the brand’s signature minimalistic sensibilities while incorporating an additional dose of glamour. The result is equal parts modern and elegant.

Last fall, the brand launched its latest line of alternative engagement rings and wedding bands. Each piece in the Skylight Collection is fully customizable, allowing customers to select their preferred stones, metal, and band style. 

The uniqueness and sentimental value of a personalized ring are enough to thrill any bride-to-be, but the brand’s ethical practices make its pieces a particularly fitting choice for the socially or environmentally conscious.

Elaine B, 22961 Woodward Ave., Ferndale;