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Shared Plates: November 2018 Winner

Clinton Township resident, Jenn Tilton, is a jack of all tasty trades. She’s been working as a pastry chef for the past 12 years, and says her interest in food developed early on, a result of helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen.

Shared Plates: October 2018 Winner

Crowded Kitchen, a food photography and recipe development business, caters to enthusiasts of both mindful meals and captivating imagery.

Shared Plates: September 2018 Winner

When Marie Lamb became a vegetarian in 2011, the Dearborn photographer searched for creative ways to experiment with traditional ingredients.

Shared Plates: August 2018 Winner

Recipe: Frozen Rose Popsicles

Shared Plates: July 2018 Winner

This month’s winner, Evan Mignogna, lead recruiter at Ann Arbor-based May Mobility, describes himself as an avid, lifelong home cook.

Shared Plates: June 2018 Winner

"Making fresh pasta is really quite simple once you have the basic recipe down,” writes Susan Lumetta, this month’s Hour Shared Plates winner.

Shared Plates: May 2018 Winner

When we last caught up with Franchelle Jackson, she shared her recipe for Avocado Boats during National Nutrition Month in our March 2017 issue. This time around, she’s won our hearts with a tasty example of finger food.

Shared Plates: April 2018 Winner

This month’s winning Shared Plates recipe is more accessible than you may think. “As a recipe developer, my absolute favorite thing is to create recipes that people cook themselves,” writes Emily Wilson, the mastermind behind Guest Chef catering service and The Craveable Kitchen blog.

Shared Plates: March 2018 Winner

Eating your greens doesn’t have to be a bore. Just ask Kellie Kucik, the blogger behind Plant Based Detroit, and this month’s featured winner. Her sweet and savory kale salad is packed with nutrients and full of flavor.

Shared Plates: February 2018 Winner

When we launched this particular Shared Plates theme, we knew we were going to get some interesting burgers — beef or otherwise. Even so, we were surprised at how delicious winner Chelsea Smith’s sweet potato burger looked.

Shared Plates: January 2018 Winner

This dish from Chef (and home cook) Lisa Hannaford is proof that vegan food can be way more exciting than just salads.

Shared Plates: December 2017 Winner

A self-professed sweet potato addict, it’s no surprise Erica Nkansah managed to work the spuds into her winning breakfast dish.

Shared Plates: November 2017 Winner

“As a celiac and food lover, I never have the pleasure of [enjoying] fresh pasta when dining out. I refuse to accept defeat, so I’ve harnessed my DIY gusto and began testing recipes I can make, even without a pasta press."

Shared Plates: October 2017 Contest Winner

Recipe: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Shared Plates: September 2017 Contest Winner

Recipe: Zesty Guacamole with Roasted Carrots

Shared Plates: August 2017 Contest Winner

Recipe: Fresh Lake Perch with Roasted Asparagus, Potatoes & Greek Yogurt Tartar Sauce

Shared Plates: July 2017 Contest Winner

Shared Plates: July 2017 Contest Winner Submitted By: @detroit_poe_pig_outSlow and steady wins the race —  especially when it comes to barbecue. Al Poe, known for his...

Shared Plates: June 2017 Contest Winner

Shared Plates: June 2017 Contest Winner Submitted By: @galloc919I think it’s time for Michigan to have a sandwich named after it. So when the time came...

Shared Plates: May 2017 Contest Winner

Shared Plates: May 2017 Contest Winner Submitted By: @galloc919Remember when metro Detroit got that horrible wind storm in March? Then we got snow that melted and...

Shared Plates: April 2017 Contest Winner

Shared Plates: April 2017 Contest Winner Submitted By: @fusionhomecookingCooking has been one of my passions ever since I was a little girl, always standing next to...