Shared Plates: September 2018 Winner

Recipe: Harsen’s Island Veggie Sandwich

Shared Plates: September 2018 Contest Winner

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When Marie Lamb became a vegetarian in 2011, the Dearborn photographer searched for creative ways to experiment with traditional ingredients.

“I realized microwaved bags of frozen broccoli and the same sad salad every day of the week were not going to be my ticket to success if I wanted to sustain a plant-based diet,” she says.

Lamb, 38, won this month’s competition for the perfect sandwich recipe with her Harsen’s Island Veggie Sandwich, which she created while on vacation on the Lake St. Clair oasis. Sautéed peppers, zucchini, summer squash, onions, and garlic are layered on top of baby Romaine lettuce and arugula, topped with creamy Greek dressing and blue cheese crumbles, and sandwiched between marbled Rye.

The best part about sandwiches like this veggie medley? “We get to eat with our hands without being judged and we don’t have to wash silverware.”

Recipe: Harsen’s Island Veggie Sandwich

Bell peppers
Summer squash
Baby Romaine lettuce
Blue cheese crumbles
Newman’s creamy greek dressing
Marbled Rye bread

Toss veggies in garlic expressions then place on the grill. SauteÌ garlic and onions until caramelized, then mix with the grilled veggies. Grill the Rye bread, layer creamy caesar dressing, grilled vegetables, lettuce and arugula, then top with blue cheese crumbles.

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Assembling a delicious and nutritious Harsen’s Island Veggie Sandwich with Marie Lamb (@marielambphotography)!

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