By the Numbers

Fast facts about some of Michigan’s most iconic brands.

Sanders Fine Chocolatiers –

100+: Number of years that Sanders’ hot fudge recipe has remained basically unchanged.=

Sanders also claims to have invented the 1st ice cream soda.

There are 4 original flavors of dessert topping: milk chocolate fudge, swiss chocolate fudge, bittersweet chocolate fudge, and caramel butterscotch.

And the famed Bumpy Cake turned 100 in April 2013.


Burn Rubber

48: Amount of hours some customers waited in line to get Burn Rubber’s shoe collaboration with New Balance

Some 1,000 pairs of the shoe were produced, and 400 were sold the day of the release for $150 each.


Better Made –

50 million: Number of pounds of potatoes used by Better Made each year

It takes 100 pounds of potatoes to make 25 pounds of chips.




McClure’s Pickles –

40,000: Number of cucumbers purchased every two weeks to make McClure’s Pickles

Started in 2006 by two brothers using their great-grandmother’s recipe.





Hacienda Tortilla Chips – 313-895-8823

50,000+: Number of pounds of corn processed each week by Hacienda Tortilla Chips

Started by Lydia Gutierrez in 1995, the company has grown to two facilities and a large warehouse.


Garden Fresh Salsa –

30 million: Number of tomatoes used each year by Garden Fresh Salsa

Garden Fresh makes some 65 tons of salsa each day.


Simply Suzanne –

200: Number of taste-testers per flavor for Simply Suzanne granola

The natural granola company started by Detroit native Suzanne Vier in 2009 now has five flavors and two trail mixes.


Vernors –

3: Number of years Vernors is barrel-aged

In the 1940s, a glass of Vernors cost only a nickel.





Bell’s Brewery –

200: Number of barrels in the recent brewhouse expansion for Bell’s Brewery

The makers of Oberon Ale — and much more — now distribute to 18 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C.






Germack Nuts –

500,000: Number of pounds of pistachios sold by Germack each year

The only roaster of pistachio nuts in the Midwest also sells 85-90 different types of nuts and products with nuts.



Guersney Farms Dairy –

70+: Number of years Guernsey Farms Dairy in Northville has been run by the McGuire family

This local, hormone-free milk is shipped directly from the cows to store shelves within 24 hours.