The 313: Dialing In To Metro Detroit


It’s always an interesting time in metro Detroit. But the recent past has been especially noteworthy: emergence out of the Great Recession, brushes with disaster for the Big Three, and a gut-wrenching bankruptcy process. People and businesses have come and gone — and come back again.

What does the future hold, and who’s going to mold it? We’ve divided our City Guide into major topics. Who We’re Watching: politicians, business moguls, and cultural and civic leaders. What We’re Fixing: city and neighborhood developments and fast-growing suburbs. When It’s Time to Play: favorite activities, indoors and out. Where We’re Eating: hot new restaurants in the city, suburbs, and beyond. Why Our Buildings Matter: saving what’s old and exploring what’s new. Along the way, we raise other topics including what neighborhoods need the most help, who are the metro area’s most influential bloggers, and the debates over the value of public art or fixing our roads? Come join the discussion.

Where and What We Eat

Detroit is definitely a food town, and it seems like every week, there’s another area eatery to choose from. Dig in!

Where We Live and Work

Detroit is shaking off the doldrums of the Great Recession and the painful process of bankruptcy, and in the city itself, some neighborhoods are starting to make a comeback.


What We’re Fixing and Building

Detroit may not have a great track record when it comes to preserving the past. But there’s a new feeling around town, and with it, some brand new construction.

Who We’re Watching

Who are the personalities metro Detroiters are talking about? Who’s new in town or new on the job? Who do we follow, read, or “like” on social media? Inquiring minds want to know.

Where We Go For Culture

The arts. So crucial, yet they generate controversy, too— from arguing the merit of graffiti to funding the DIA and the Detroit bankruptcy’s “Grand Bargain.”

What We Do For Fun

Indoors or out, we metro Detroiters put our downtime to good use in all seasons. Here’s a short list of what we do to keep active.

What Else Needs Work?

Great places to live, eat, work, and play aren’t the only factors to consider when it comes to metro Detroit’s big issues. We’re talking roads and traffic, crime and punishment, and more.