Libation Accessories For the Holidays

’Tis the season to start spiffing up your home bar with some local libation accessories.
Photograph by Rebecca Simonov

Looking for products that will help you kick your holiday cocktail menu into high gear — or perhaps a host gift for an upcoming party? Check out some of these libation accessories including a cocktail set, cocktail cubes, a bartending book, and much more from local retailers.

Note: items listed are pictured from left to right, top to bottom in the photo above. 

  • De Soi Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Apéritif Bottle, $27.95, at Rail & Anchor,
  • Drink Lightly Book, $26.99, at Urbanum,
  • Bull in China Shaken Cocktail Set, $118.95, at Urbanum.
  • Woodgrain Wine Chiller, $36, at Leon & Lulu,
  • Valentine Liberator Old Tom Gin, $41.99, at Valentine Distilling Co.,
  • Urbanum Beverage Mixing Sticks, $14.95, at Urbanum.
  • Bacanha Fleur de Sureau Brut Syrup, $22, at Urbanum.
  • Sapling Cocktail Napkins, $11.95, at Urbanum.
  • The Complete Home Bartender’s Guide Book, $19.98, at Leon & Lulu.
  • DRAM Lavender Lemon Balm Bitters, $26.95, at Rail & Anchor.
  • Gatsby Glass Tumbler Set, $42.95, at Rail & Anchor.
  • Smoked Old Fashioned Bitters-Infused Cocktail Cubes, $19.95, at Urbanum.

This story is from the November 2023 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. Read more in our digital edition