Build a Better BLT with These Local Ingredients

With only bacon, lettuce, tomato, and bread, this sandwich may seem deceptively simple, but it is key to use the very best ingredients one can find


Avalon’s Motown Multigrain

Made with half whole wheat and half white flour, this hearty bread provides a stable base on which to construct a well-balanced BLT. The mix of seeds and grains provides more texture and crunch. $5.25 for a small loaf, at 422 W. Willis St., Detroit; for more locations and retailers visit

Farm Field Table’s Bacon

With its focus on local sourcing and sustainably raised animals, craft butcher Farm Field Table makes a dry-cured Michigan heritage bacon packed with flavor. For a sweet-meets-savory flavor, brush on a little maple syrup a few minutes before it’s done cooking in the oven. $14 for a 16-oz. package, at 1030 Woodward Heights Blvd., Ferndale; for more locations visit

Planted Detroit’s Romaine Lettuce

At its Islandview vertical farm, Planted Detroit grows fresh greens year-round, including crisp and crunchy lettuce that’s perfect for BLTs. $8, go to for online orders and retailers

Plum Market’s Heirloom Tomatoes

During the summer, it’s not hard to find juicy, ripe tomatoes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good BLT in the off-season. Just make sure to look for plump tomatoes, ideally ripened on the vine. This time of year, meaty heirloom varieties are a good substitute for when you can’t pick a tomato straight from your garden. $3.64 each, at 3675 W. Maple Road, Bloomfield Twp.; for more locations go to

Level Up

Add these ingredients to kick it up a notch

Planted Detroit’s Arugula Microgreens: These microgreens provide a spicy counterpoint to the crisp, fresh romaine. $4, visit for retailers and online orders

Grazing Fields’ Eggs: A sunny-side up egg from Grazing Fields will add creaminess and sauciness to your sandwich. $6.50 per dozen, at Folk Detroit, 1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit;

Gus & Grey Co.’s Fig and Lemon Marmalade: With fruity sweetness from the fig and acidity from the lemon confit, this sophisticated preserve will round out the flavors in your BLT. $12 for a 10-oz. jar, visit for retailers and online orders

This story is from the April 2022 issue of Hour Detroit. Read more in our digital edition.

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