Fashion Publicist Bryant K. Von Woodson II Talks Style

In this month’s MI Style, an advocate for fashion labels big and small shares what goes into his own personal look
Bryant K. Von Woodson II
Bryant K. Von Woodson II serves up effortless style — and an infectious smile.

Bryant K. Von Woodson II exudes a beautiful blend of elegance and charm, determination and relatability, and a distinct air of high fashion. This is clear to anyone who follows him on Instagram, and it was unmistakable during a recent Zoom call. 

A Detroit native, the 25-year-old fashion publicist now lives and works in New York as a VIP account executive for the communications and brand development agency Chapter 2. There, he works with an impressive roster of clients, including L.A.-based agender label No Sesso, Canadian online luxury retailer Mr. Saturday, and the iconic sportswear brand FUBU. 

Von Woodson advocates for emerging talent in Detroit as well; as a consultant, he bridges the gap between the local and national fashion industries for his personal clientele of emerging local brands, including Détroit is the New Black and luxury eyewear brand Godnii. Here, Von Woodson dishes on what goes into his own style, his travel essentials, and how his background as a trained dancer has shaped his life.  

Personal style: When I’m getting dressed, I’m thinking about, “Is this opulence? Is this elegance? Is it regal? Is it an experience?” That’s the first thing. The second thing is, “Is it comfortable and relatable?” And I think those two elements meet hand in hand, and then I go from there. I’ll wear something like a fur piece, blazer, turtleneck, denim, but then I’m throwing on a sneaker to give it the comfort edge. 

Go-to local shops and brands: Obviously, Détroit Is the New Black. I love some of the brands that [founder Roslyn Karamoko] has inside her shop. I think Ken Walker is amazing. … I think [Walker] is creating himself to be the Sean John of Detroit. He’s, you know, the streetwear go-to velour sweatsuit in Detroit. Flo Boutique is another store that I’m in love with. Flo Boutique has a lot of different Black designers curated by [owner Felicia Williams-Patrick]. And it’s a full experience. You go in and you feel that Detroit love. I love Carhartt for the utilitarian wear. Simply Casual in Detroit on Livernois — I used to shop there as a kid, and it still is a statement store. 

Travel essentials: A trench coat. No matter if it’s hot or if it’s cold, a trench coat looks great. It’s a statement piece. A fashionable sneaker that’s trendy, looks good, and could be worn with anything. 

Unforgettable travel experience: Before I even entered into the fashion world, I trained as a ballet and contemporary modern dancer. I went to The International Association of Blacks in Dance conference in Los Angeles, and I think that was when I was first introduced to a world of Black dancers. I was like 14. All of who I am today comes from my dance background, which also comes from that L.A. trip. And so now I just try to project Black excellence in the best way — and also just authenticity.

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