Style in Metro Detroit: Comfort is Key

And other tips from Grosse Pointe stylist Elisabeth Kassab
Elisabeth Kassab
Elisabeth Kassab runs the personal styling business @StylistCheck. // Photograph courtesy of Elisabeth Kassab

After graduating from Michigan State University during the pandemic, Grosse Pointe local Elisabeth Kassab dove head first into a career in styling. What started as helping her friends choose outfits for events led to her personal styling business, @StylistCheck. At just 23 years old, Kassab is now booking virtual and in-person styling sessions, creating street-style inspired lookbooks, and working with influencers like Danielle Carolan, Ellie Thumann, and Lauren Kettering.

Despite her degree in advertising, a career in fashion was a no-brainer for Kassab. “Nothing I was doing in college felt creative enough for me,” she says, “I started posting outfits and pieces on Instagram, and it just blew up pretty quickly.” A large majority of her clients find her through social media, where she posts curated looks on white backgrounds, tagging the brands so her followers can shop along.

A typical styling session with Kassab begins with a form that her clients fill out and a phone consultation. She typically styles for specific events, trips, or special occasions. Clients tell her the basics, and Kassab works with them to create a detailed mood board, which eventually leads to a lookbook of pieces. “It’s a lot of collaboration, a lot of back and forth,” she says. “If you’re making the effort to find a stylist and work with them, you want it to be as seamless as possible.”

Below, Kassab shares her fashion tips for owning your style this summer.

When in doubt, keep things tonal

For a chic look that requires minimal effort, Kassab recommends sticking with pieces in similar colors. “When in doubt, I put on something in the same color family, something tonal, and that’s a really easy way to feel like you’re put together without having to think about it too much,” she says. Monochromatic looks have been dominating the runways for a few years now from brands like Chloe, Cult Gaia, and Bottega Veneta.

Inspire yourself

Developing a personal style in a world so heavily reliant on trends can be difficult. “The biggest piece of advice I would give is to not focus on what anyone else is doing,” Kassab says. “Turn off your phone, shut your computer, get off social media and just focus on what suits you and what you’re into.”

Comfort is key

“I describe my style as comfortable, that’s a no-brainer for me,” Kassab says. She loves comfortable, easy to throw on looks like matching sets. “I’m always in T-shirts, flowy cargo pants, and loose pieces when I’m working from home or have a day off.” While matching sweatsuits have been a major trend in streetwear for decades, their recent resurgence is the perfect opportunity to play around with the intersection of comfort and fashion.

Hoops are a girl’s best friend

“The number one accessory I think everyone should have in their closet is a pair of chunky gold hoops,” Kassab says. “They can be any size, any thickness, but a pair of hoops is going to elevate the outfit to a new level even if it’s something extremely simple. She recommends styles from Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. “I just think they’re perfect.”

Find brands that suit your vision

For summer staples, Kassab looks to Djerf Avenue, a brand known for its ethically made pieces that was founded by a Swedish influencer, while The Attico is her go-to for tailored but still baggy streetwear. “The Attico is easily one of my favorite brands because their clothes fit extremely well but still have that loose, flowy feeling.” Finding brands that work for your body type or suit the style aesthetic you’re pursuing can take a lot of pressure off of shopping.

Day to Night

In the era of “WFH fashion,” Kassab recommends playing up the accessories and keeping the clothes more simple. “Adding a more couture bag or a cool pair of heels just makes the entire outfit a lot more interesting,” she says. Small shifts can take an outfit that was worn to shoot off emails and make it a showstopper for a night on the town.